Everyone has a story. There are stories of trouble and triumph, defeat and deliverance, and relapse and redemption. Everyone of us is living a story that is extended. It is extended, because we are being stretched beyond what we see as normal and we feel as comfortable. As you begin to turn the pages of this Extended Story, you will discover the life-altering truths that are found in the lives of those in the Bible that have left the legacy of their extended stories. This devotional journal will connect 10 Biblical "extended stories" with practical application that challenge, encourage, and guide you in yours. Suggested donation, $8 (includes S&H).

NOTE: ALL PROCEEDS from the donations of this book will go towards being a part of ministry & outreach projects abroad. The purpose of these writings is not not for personal income, but for greater possibilities of traveling the world and sharing the story of Jesus with those who need to hear it or be encouraged by it so that they can share it.