Saturday, July 15, 2017

Beleive for Your Breakthrough.

"And I am confident in the Lord that I myself will come soon" (Philippian 2:24).

Have you ever been around people who seemed to be stuck in some cycle between prayer requests and complaining? They complain about all that is going wrong with just about everything, but do it in a way that puts the burden of their answer on you to pray. There's a lot of facts of what's going on, but not a lot of faith to really believe it can change. Have you ever done the same?

Paul wrote to the Philippian church while in chains, healing from torturous wounds, while sharing his love and concern for them. He shared about his own chains, but not for the purpose of getting their sympathy, but of joining together in faith. 

Paul wrote, "...and I am confident in the Lord that I myself will come soon." He was determined that his own breakthrough was coming soon. He didn't just think it or feel it. He was confident of its imminent reality. His confidence wasn't in fate or feeling, but a faith that was deeply rooted in the Lord. He didn't expect people to believe anything more for his life than he was already confidently believing for himself.

It's difficult for people to believe for a breakthrough in your life UNTIL you become confident that a breakthrough is coming! Stop complaining. God won't give you something you can't believe for. Everything you receive, you receive it from God by faith. Be encouraged in where you are and what you're facing. BELIEVE that God has a breakthrough moment for your life. Even in the cell of your circumstance, be confident in the Lord that you are coming out! You don't have to know how, when, or why, just know that it's soon. "Soon" is according to the perfect timing & purpose of God. But what you can have NOW, is the assurance that He is with you.

The peace of God works in faith, not in forcing people to feel the pain you feel. Breakthrough is coming when your confidence is in HE who brings it, not just in THEY who are praying for it.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Success through Humility.

"Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name..." (Philippians 2:9).

Success, honor, power, and position are words synonymous with first world culture. One can't watch cartoons without being indoctrinated with the concept that bigger is better, rule over people, and only the strong survive. Yet, Jesus showed strength in a form very different from that people had experienced or expected. It was and is a strength that continues to challenge those who long for success.

Jesus, who was and will always be God, chose to surrender the application of His deity, His "God-ness" while He was on earth before His crucifixion. He humbled Himself as a man, to all that men and women would face. He did this for many reasons, but one in particular to show the greatest strength is not found in wielding power, but in yielding to a Greater Power. Jesus humbled Himself before God the Father.

Jesus' success was found in the "lowest place." He came as a baby and lived as a servant. He was found trustworthy in His humility. He was the Son of God, yet lived as a son of man. He went to the cross of crucifixion as the ultimate sacrifice for the generations that might never acknowledge Him and for the untold multitudes that would. He excelled at the lowest place and therefore, by God the Father, was lifted up to the Highest place.

When you find success at the lowest place, God can trust you with success at any place! Humility comes before honor. Ambition and drive are great elements to embody, but never at the expense of humility and surrender. If you want to rise to a higher place, how are you doing at the "lower" place? Are you modeling excellence at the level God has for you now? Are you doing ALL that you know to do where you are? Are you surrendered to the authority and leadership you have? 

God has designed you for where you are so that you can learn all there is to learn, SO THAT He can raise you up. You can't go to the next level until you have exhausted every lesson God wants you to learn at this level. It's not because you're not good enough. It may be because you've not yet let Him be GOD enough.