Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First Things.

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" (Matthew 6:33, NIV).

The days of Jesus held many similarities to the present day. People were overly occupied with the political climate, governmental control, economics, racial issues, and the like. There was great division among social classes, citizen classes, and even religious classes. There was an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety over the individual well-being of those living in the times. In fact, as Jesus began to pick up steam in the eyes of those who started to open their minds to Him maybe being the anticipated Messiah, there was a growing sentiment about forcing Him into the political spectrum. They saw Him as the answer to their problems, but on terms that they controlled. Their eyes were so focused on what they thought they needed that they were unable to see what they already had. Jesus knew what they needed. He was aware of the hardships in which they lived. Their needs and their desires were valid and were honorable in most cases. 

What needed corrected was their focus. As long as they focused on the needs of the temporal and not the priorities of the eternal, they would live in a perpetual imbalance. Their eyes were on "their kingdom." Jesus said to seek first "God's kingdom." They wanted "their rights" considered. Jesus' teachings were focused on "God's righteousness." When their focus was corrected, and they pursued Godly priorities, then "all these things" would be given to them as well.

As you began this day, undoubtedly many things began to vie for position in your mind. There are things you have to do, bills you have to pay, and decisions you have to make. If that weren't enough for today, there is also tomorrow, this week, next week, the rest of the month, and the rest of the year to consider. With each passing day, the calendar reveals that there are more days, weeks, and months to consider. The moment one project is completed, five more wrestle your attention. What once began as hope and anticipation has now morphed into worry and anxiety. You will never be able to control your way into peace. For every solution you find, there will be another problem to take its place. And as long as your focus is on the problem, you may miss the answer that is right in front of you. Jesus. 

"Seek first." Even right now, with your mind swimming in the pool of all that has to be done, SEEK FIRST. There is an order, a priority for how this day, every day, or every project or situation should be approached. Look to Jesus. This life has never been just about you, your situation, or your ability to resolve problems. It's bigger than you. It's about something that has always been and will outlast all that you attempt to hold together. This life is about a kingdom that surpasses all that you can imagine. The needs you have are important. The "to do" lists are valid. The concerns you have are true and they do need solutions, but when you choose to SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, you will find that HIS SOLUTIONS will overpower everyone of your situations. 

How can you do this? START. SEEK. SURRENDER. STAY. SEE. START each day in the Word of God and in prayer. SEEK God for His direction and for His peace. SURRENDER each situation and the potential anxiety that goes with it so that you will be focused on Him and the peace that He has given you. STAY focused on Him and faithful to do what is right in his eyes. Finally, SEE Him come through with all that you need, for "all these things will be given to you."

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Praise God said...

Great Word Pastor Chris! Definitely needed this today. My entire day got away from me and so did my peace.
Thank you for the reminder that God has it covered. Crazy how easily I seem to forget that.