Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Need Him.

"I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being..." (Ephesians 3:16).

The inhabitants of the ancient city of Ephesus were at a crossroads. There was a revival on the move of those who were coming to Christ and finding the grace and the peace that only He can offer. There, however, was still such a stronghold in the area over the fascination with magic and a need to see the supernatural at work, regardless of what source or origination. There were many who were mixing the two, having a lust more for manifestation than for the majesty of God. Paul addressed this head on in his prayer for the people he had invested so much of his own life and efforts. He prayed that they would know HIS SUPPLY, HIS STRENGTH, and HIS SPIRIT. There was so much they were trying to accomplish by "any means necessary" that they were missing the greastest benefit in the pursuit of Jesus. Being changed by what they saw on the outside would never compare to the change that God wanted to see changed in them on the inside.

There are times, undoubtedly, that you want to see change, a difference made, or something happen, and you want to see it done "yesterday." Impatience can easily lead to desperation and panic when your need for immediacy overpowers your internal need for intimacy. No matter what you are going through right now, God's greatest desire is not for you to see a change on the outside, but to experience the power of transformation on the inside. 

His heart is for you to grow closer and closer in an intimate and trusting relationship with Him. That is where you begin to know HIS SUPPLY, the "power of his glorious riches." Everything you need is found in Him. Stop trying to accomplish His work in your life on your own terms. He already knows the plans He has for you and how to get you through what you're going through. Know that He is "enough." 

He wants you to know HIS STRENGTH, "that he might strengthen you..." The strength is a byproduct of His supply. The more you depend on Him in every weak area of your life, the more you will find a strength that seems unexplainable. His strength is made perfect in your weakness. His strength will give you the power to get up and go when all you want to do is sit down and quit. His strength reminds you that you don't have to do this all on your own. You are overwhelmed with not being able to fix or control all that is around you, and you're beginning to feel exhausted. Stop trying to tread water as though you are the only one keeping your head afloat. Look to Him for the strength, but know that His strength comes on His terms. 

Finally, surrender to HIS SPIRIT, "...with power through his Spirit in your inner being." This is where the transformational work begins and is completed. His Spirit is the One who will teach you what the enemy wants to overwhelm you with not knowing. His Spirit is the One who will guide you when you feel lost, comfort you will you feel overwhelmed and devalued, and will come along side you as your Divine Advocate when you feel both alone and attacked. Through His Spirit at work in your inner-being, you will be transformed, changed, unrecognizeable to your old actions, mindsets, uncontrolled outbursts, old way of doing things, and more. You will beging to trust Him who You don't see over the need to control what you do see. 

Lord Jesus, I thank YOU for the transformational power of YOUR WORD. I may not always understand the what, why, and how, but I certainly grab hold of the WHO. You are all that I need and it is YOUR GRACE that is more than enough for who I am, where I am, what's going on in my life, and how I'm getting through, going through, or breaking through. I know that I am more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ. I am continuing to learn to lean on You in every situation, because in every situation, You are STILL GOD. You are my supply. You are all that I need. You are more than enough. You are my strength. I know that I can do nothing that you have called me to do WITHOUT YOU. It's only in You and through You that I can make it through. And I know that it is your Spirit working in me that will bring the transformation that you want for me. I need You to bring the change that I have failed to make happen on my own. I trust You and know that if You know the plans You have for me, then You must know how to make those plans happen for me in my life. I thank You for all of this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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