Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mental Warfare.

"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" (2 Corinthians 10:5, NIV).

"I just can't help it" or "I didn't mean to" is a common phrase spoken when soemone wants to excuse themselves from personal responsibility for what they have said, done, or the attitude they have projected. Paul countered this lie with truth. He was human just as those he was writing to. His emotions were incited, he faced fears and anger, yet he knew that he had been transformed with the mind of Christ. He knew that to have the mind of Christ, something he couldn't manufacture, he needed to treat it as something valuable. God had given it, but it was up to him to honor God with how he responded to it and with it. Paul challenged that it was a personal responsibility to hold your own mind accountable to God. Knowing the truth of God, yet choosing to live according to the old mindsets, is counter-prodductive to living in victory. 

"We demolish arguments...that sets itself up against the knowledge of God..." On the battlefield fo the mind, you are personally responsible. The battle is the Lord's, yes, but the responsibility of what you need to do on that battlefield is yours. When something rising up in your mind that YOU KNOW is not God's best for you, for another, or in that timing, KILL IT. Destroy it. Make it impossible for it to breathe and breed further destructive thoughts or behavior. There is nothing higher than God, and therefore should be nothing higher than the knowledge of God. You have been called to "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness." There is a knowledge of God you are pursuing, don't get caught up in futile arguments that take your focus off of the knoweldge of God and on to something that is not going to be beneficial long after the moment has passed.

"...we take captive every thought..." In Christ, YOU have the authority to take captive the thoughts that come into YOUR mind, the mind of Christ, that contradict who you are, who God is, and the destiny He has called for you. If you give it an inch, it will take a mile. If you give it a closet, it will take the whole house. Take it captive. Recognize that it doesn't belong and that it will do nothing to bring you closer to where God has called you. Don't allow laziness to creep in your mind. And don't fall into the lie of justifying how your thoughts, actions, and words are actually Godly, when there is nothing Godly, Biblical, or Spirit-led about them. If God didn't give you divine direction on where you are in your mind, then don't attempt to give Him credit for it. Take captive those thoughts. Excercise the authority you have in Him by the power of HIS NAME. "In the Name of Jesus I know that this is a wrong thought. This thought has no place here and I'm not going to give it opportunity to have power or influence in my mind, in my mouth, or over the motivations of my heart." 

"...and make it obedient to Christ." You have more authority in regards to mental and spiritual warfare than the enemy of your soul wants you to be believe. You have the authority to demolish the strongholds, take captive the thoughts, but also to reposess the mind. It's never enough to focus on the bad thoughts and mindsets. Once they have been captured, the very next step is the most crucial. Make it obedient to Christ. Stay close and connected in Christ. It is the only place where transformation of the mind is possible. You, alone, are powerless to do this, but in Christ, your mind can be repossessed and made obedient. Train your mind. Keep it on a tight leash. Don't allow your mind to have a mind of its own. Your spirit is to be in leadership over your mind. Your spirit, which is the very essence that has been breathed by God into your being, is to have mastery over your soul, your mind, will, and emotions. So...feed your spirit. Spend time in prayerful communication with God on the regular. Let the words of His truth influence your mind so that you are transformed by the power of that truth. Be involved with people that will challenge your way of thinking. Stay teachable. Don't allow defensiveness to put you on the offense. Having the mind of Christ doesn't make it yours completely. Anything OF Christ still belongs TO Christ. Honor Him with every part of you. When challenged in the fight, let God be honored in the mind.

What goes on in the mind is not a game. It is war. When God is God over EVERY THOUGHT, the battle is won. Let Him be God over every thought.

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