Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Faith over Fear.

"Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; in the end they will look in triumph on their foes" (Psalm 112:8, NIV).

Fear is a tactic the enemy uses to knock one off from trusting in the forever faithfulness of God. Fear, in a moment and without notice, can change the thoughts and the direction of one person. Fear has the power to flood the mind with worst-case scenarios, usher in doubt & confusion, or slowly cultivate an atmosphere of anxiety & worry. 

But for those who choose to study & know the truth of God and to live it out unashamedly, there is a boldnes and surety that will rise up in their hearts and be evident in their lives. 

"Their hearts are secure." The very core of their being will not be shaken by that which attempts to contradict God's truth for their lives. Their emotions will not be 'led to slaughter' by that which takes them beyond or short of their expectations. Their faith is strong and their hearts are secure for they know who holds them in the midst of every storm that rages and every battle that has been waged against them. 

"They will have no fear." For those who know the truth and choose to live out the truth, in spite of what they face, will no a supernatural strength when their faith is applied & activated. Fear will attempt to knock you off course. Faith in God is a defiant answer to the dark lies that are offered by fear. When your eyes are on His truth, you will know, in faith, that there is no tactic that has been devised against you will be successful. Fear has NO place in the life of one who puts their trust in God.

" the end they wll look in triumph on their foes." Satan is defeated, but that is something you will have to see in faith before you see it in fact.  "In the end" implies process. Sometimes process works on a time-table that doesn't comply with preference or expectation. Faith calls for perseverance. Trust is more than a moment, but a mind-set. As you continue to trust and persevere, you will see victory in the areas you have been targeted for destruction. You will see your enemy toppled. You will see the grace of God lead you to where you never thought you'd be.