Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Love Even.

Vengence. It is the way of our culture. It is the justifiable means of righting our wrongs and bringing fulfilling closure to our hurts and healing to the wounds that have been inflicted upon us. Even in the context of Christianity and church, the welfare of vengence is alive and well. It may not be as apparent as other tales of vengence have been told. Vengence isn't always about what is done, but sometimes by what is not done. There are many of us who claim to know God and love God, but are so preoccupied by the nursing of our own wounds that we don't see ourselves as living in a hyprocisy of not loving those who have inflicted those wounds upon us. If 1 Corinthians 13 (love is patient and kind, not rude or self-seeking, and keeping no record of wrong) really is more than just a poetic recitation at weddings and church Valentine banquets, then there is a definition of love that must be realized even in the moments when our hurts are most obvious.

You can't love God and hold hate, resentment, bitterness, or unforgiveness for another...especially against another believer. Life is never about getting even, but about loving even...EVEN WHEN it still hurts. There will undoubtedly be seasons in life where you will be hurt by those who love you, or at least claim to love you. There will even be times when someone who loves you, yet continues to hurt you, claims to have a passionate relationship with God and declares their love for God. It will hurt badly as it appears to be a glaring contradiction, and all you want to do is point out that contradiction because of the hurt you hold on the inside.

Love EVEN WHEN you don't understand and their actions don't make sense. Love EVEN WHEN your mind wants to think of them as hypocritical, judgmental, and a living contradiction. Love EVEN WHEN it would be easier to hold onto the wounds. Love EVEN WHEN they use your words, actions, or past against you, though they seem blinded by their own obvious infractions of the same. Love EVEN WHEN you want to stop loving. Remember, Jesus loved you EVEN WHEN you were still dead set against Him. He loved you EVEN WHEN you were still a sinner. He loved you EVEN WHEN you didn't deserve it.

Don't focus on getting even. Let God help you in the toughest moments of life to LOVE EVEN...EVEN WHEN.

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