Friday, September 4, 2015

In His Hands.

"Into your hands I commit my spirit; deliver me, Lord, my faithful God" (Psalm 31:5, NIV).

It's vital that you live your life in the same attitude of this declaration from David. There is such a tendency to live according to our own way, what makes sense to us, or what is prescribed by the changing tide of our surrounding.

"Into your hands..." It's not about you. It's about recognizing the futility of living your created life void of acknowledging the Creator. Each day, place your life and your day into the hands of the One who formed you first in His mind, and then with His hands. You are not your own. You are created of God and by God for the pleasure of God. He delights in you and loves you with an everlasting love.

"I commit my spirit..." Your breath, your very life, must be committed to God. He won't force you to live it for Him, but you are called to make a choice. Each choice you make will be met with a consequence. Choose to commit. The word "commit" in this context is to "hand over charge to someone else; to give governorship to another." Release yourself from the pressure and the unsustainable responsibility of being your own master. You were never created with the ability nor the capacity to succeed in that manner. Trust Him with YOU.

"Deliver me..." You will never be able to escape successfully from every trap you will face in this life. There will be seasons of your life that you will know that you are surrounded by obstacles that are closing in that you can't escape. Life is bigger than you. But never forget that the creator and author of all life is BIGGER STILL. He can and will deliver you if you call upon HIS NAME. He loves you so much more than you can imagine. He cares for your own life more than you do, because you are His own investment. He created you. He loves your children, your family, or whatever else really matters to you, even more than you do. Trust Him for deliverance from the moments that overwhelm you. His success rate is already so much greater than anything you will ever achieve on your own.

"Lord..." He is master. He is the One in charge, or at least He longs to be. Let Him be Lord over all things in your life. It has been said that, "If He's not Lord OVER ALL, then He's not really Lord AT ALL."

"...faithful God." God may not always do what you want or when you want it, but He is faithful. He is faithful to His word. He is faithful to His promise. He's not faithful to your incomplete understanding of His word or promise, but He is faithful to a destiny for you that is more complex and complete than anything you can fathom, even in your wildest imagination. Whatever you are facing right now, give it to Him. He is faithful. He will not violate you, take advantage of you, nor will He abandon you. Your life is in better hands when you've placed it all in His hands.

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