Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Need to Hear You Speak, Lord!

"The voice of the Lord shakes the desert; the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh" (Psalm 29:8, NIV).

There is creatively epic power when the voice of God speaks. In the darkness of what we know of as the beginning of time, God's voice shook up the silence and forever changed the face of darkness when He commanded, "Let there be light." When Jesus stood on the boat during a storm of destructive and fatal proportion and declared, "Peace! Be still!" a total calm overwhelmed all that had violently threatened all aboard. When Jesus spoke to the other side of a tombstone, "Lazarus, come forth!" He demonstrated the power of life over the power of death. On the cross, when Jesus proclaimed with complete compassion that rocked the world, "It is finished," the power that was displayed during creation was now made public for all to see and would change the course of humanity for all who would receive that word into their lives.

What area of your life are you needing to hear the voice of God speak?

...CREATION? Are you needing God to speak to the darkness in your life? Are you ready to abandon what has become normal, even though you know that you are totally lost? Listen to that voice that longs to declare the LIGHT OF JESUS in your life. It is a light that will change your tired and ineffective outlook and perspective on everything.

...CALMING? Like Jesus standing on the boat in the midst of the storm, are you desperate to find that same tranquility restored in the midst of your chaos? Let the voice of Jesus calm the storm...even the storm inside of you. The situation around you may not change, but allow Him to change you in the mindst of your situation. He will restore a calm in your life that will allow you to rest, though the storm around you rages. You will rest because you are confident in the One who speaks and calms the storm. Let Him start with the storm inside of you.

...RESURRECTION? Like Lazarus' death of four days had brought an incredible stench to the grave, are you longing for the voice of God to speak LIFE back into you and into areas of your life? What's died? Your passion for life? Your energy? Your health? Your marriage? Your finances? Your hope? Let the voice of Jesus speak the overcoming power of LIFE into the dead areas of your life and heart. Let Him revive and resurrect within you the purpose He has created and founded for you.

..COMPLETION? Are you afraid that nothing sustainable in your life will ever be fully completed? Do you fear that the work of God in your life will be like many other projects in your life that have been started with great ambition but ended up unfinished with great apathy? Let the FINISHING work of Jesus speak hope and confidence in your life that IT IS FINISHED. Every good thing that God has intended for your life has already been accomplished. All you have to do is to depend upon Him and wait on His timing. During the waiting, you can rest assured that God is working on You and preparing you for the absolute best that He has for you!

Listen for the voice of God to speak!

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