Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Control Freaks.

"The reason I left you in Crete was that you might put in order what was left unfinished and appoint elders in every town, as I directed you" (Titus 1:5, NIV).

Paul left Titus so that Titus could actually apply the lessons Paul had taught.

Sometimes you have to leave and release people to do what needs to be done. The more you stand over the shoulder or are always there for the rescue, the unprepared you help them to be and the burned-out you become.

LET GO. Learn to let go. Learn to have boundaries. Become OK not having your hand in every little thing. You're not really saving anything. You're actually killing it very slowly, because you are insisting that it all relies on you. News flash: ONE DAY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE AROUND. Then what? Learn to let go.

LET THEM. When you let go, you are able to release and let THEM do it. No one will ever learn to be truly successful unless those who teach, at some point, get out of the way and let THEM try it out for themselves. By hanging on, you are showing that you don't trust and that you don't believe in others. Even Eagles kick their young out of the nest and let them fall in order to teach them to fly. Be secure in the abilities of others, even when they seem to surpass your own.

LET GOD. God is in control. Let Him be. Trust God in all things. Trust God that HE cares about what needs to be done even more than you do. Let God guide you. The more you are in control, the more God is not. Let God have all that matters to you. Trust Him with the details. Let God be your strength. Let God lead.

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