Wednesday, August 26, 2015


"Therefore my people will go into exile for lack of understanding; those of high rank will die of hunger and the common people will be parched with thirst" (Isaiah 5:13, NIV).

The people of Israel had traded understanding based on trust and obedience for an understanding that was based on the "here and now" of their lusts and desires. They lost their understanding of the covenant that God had made with them. They lost their understanding of what He said would happen if they chose to follow a different path, one that was without His protection, provision, and void of His presence. They were now headed towards exile because of their lack of understanding. Their lack of understanding wasn't a matter of ignorance. THEY KNEW. He told them what would happen. They chose not to believe Him, therefore they traded their understanding of God for a belief that they had become their own god. Their lack of understanding was not ignorance, but rather, intentional. They chose.

When you choose to go off the path that God has already laid out, there will be consequences you will endure. When there is a lack of understanding, there will be a time of exile. You will experience a great and unquenching thirst when you are living in the exile of your own desires. You will search, but you will not find.The only way to quench the thirst for true satisfaction is to find it in the God who created you and loves you more than you can fathom this side of heaven. Don't live in ignorance, nor in the intentions of self-serving desires. Be intentional about following the path God has for you. On that path, you will find hardships and obstacles, disappointments and face potential discouragement, but you will also enjoy the presence of God that will never leave you as you stay on the path He has marked for you. You will drink of Him and you will be satisfied.

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