Thursday, January 1, 2015

Extended Vision, 4: Be a Learner

“The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message…” Though Lydia was a woman of great wealth, was an entrepreneur in her own right, she was also teachable. She had a desire to learn more and to know more about God. As a Gentile, she was not raised in the Jewish traditions, yet she had connected with the one, true, living God. Though she had a heart to share what she knew with others, and had already given so much of herself to that endeavor, she was not satisfied. She wanted to know more. Her hunger for more was the key to the Lord opening her heart to respond. God opened her heart, but it was her desire for more that enabled her to respond. 

For many of us, we’ve been around. We’ve heard the sermons, learned the verses, have sang the songs, and have memorized the motions. However, none of what we have learned is enough. For us to truly live out the extended vision that God has, we have to be willing to be perpetual learners. Don’t grow content with what you already know. Let that serve as an appetizer that leaves you hungry for more of what is still to come. Resist the temptation to become lazy, or even to think that what you have is enough for someone else. You and I have NOTHING to offer anyone…but Jesus. Be a learner. Allow yourself to be extended, to be stretched, and to catch more of the vision. You are a part of this team for a reason more than just reaching others. Be open to what God desires to teach you.

Extended Reading Option: Proverbs 1:5; Proverbs 18:15

Extended Journal Option: Regardless of what you know or have learned, what is God teaching you right now? In the process of preparing for this journey, how is He shaping you?

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