Thursday, January 8, 2015

Extended Trust, 4: In the Uncertainty

“…because I have many people in this city…” Paul had no idea what this meant. He knew what he felt. He knew what he had seen. He knew what he thought. Extended trust, however, called for him to know and to receive what Christ had said. Even though he couldn’t see it and wasn’t aware of the fact, God was already prepared to advance the purpose for which Paul was called. Yes, there were those that were against him. But, there were those that God had already placed in the right place and at the right time that were for him. Paul had to resist doubting in the uncertainty and trust God extendedly.

We have already learned that no matter how well we try to prepare for what’s coming next, there are always unexpected detours. Our first temptation is to give into the uncertainty and begin to doubt. We find it easier to give into what we do see rather than to hope for what we can’t see. Trust God in the uncertainty. Don’t allow your mind to jump to conclusion about how things should’ve been, should be, or how you would do things differently. Trust God. Trust that He has a plan. Ask Him to reveal what He might be using the uncertainty to teach you. Besides, if everything always worked out according to plan, might we trust the plan more than trusting God?

Extended Reading Option: Jeremiah 29:11

Extended Journal Option: God knows the purpose and the plans He has for you. Describe how trusting Him through the uncertainties of your life can help encourage someone else? How has trusting Him changed you?

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