Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Extended Vision, 3: Give All You Have

“…a dealer in purple cloth from the city of Thyatira, who was a worshiper of God.” As a dealer in purple cloth, Lydia was considered a woman of considerable wealth. Purple was a valuable and prized commodity as the dye came at a significant and painstaking cost. The dye was created by extracting a certain gland from a specific mollusk that had to be captured. Upon extracting the gland, it had to be crushed, bled, and dried. Because many mollusks had to be used, the process was labor intensive. Lydia was an entrepreneur. She was also a worshiper of God. She willingly used what she had and gave what she had so that others would have the opportunity to hear the word of God. Her house was used as the first church in her area. Her generosity was an overflow of the extended vision she had received from God.

The tighter we hold on to what we think is ours, the harder it will ever be able to see anything bigger than we are or beyond where we are. Vision from God requires that we live in complete and total surrender to God. The things that we have will either give us access to seeing the vision become reality, or they will serve as obstacles that block us from seeing the fulfillment of what God desires to accomplish. Ask God to show you what you have. Refuse to hold on so tightly that you can’t give it away. Allow God to use you to be a part of someone else coming to know Him.

Extended Reading Option: Acts 20:35

Extended Journal Option: You are on this team for a reason. God allowed it. Why? What has He placed within you to give? How can you give it?

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