Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Extended Vision, 2: See Beyond the "Obvious"

“One of those listening was a woman named Lydia…” During Lydia’s time, the culture did not afford her to have the voice that God had placed within her. Her gender disqualified her from be socially accepted as a leader with vision. Her heart for God and her vision to see the truth of God through Jesus become available to those outside of the Jewish context would ultimately help change the world. She would give into what others saw in her. Her vision for what God could do started with God’s vision in who she was. She had a longing to see through the eyes of God.

When we see through the eyes of God, we will see with extended vision. We will be able to see what others can’t see. For each of us, there have been moments when we have been underestimated and discounted for how we are seen by others. Don’t allow someone else’s perception of you infect how God sees you. Look in the mirror and see beyond what has convinced you is “obvious.” You are a sinner, saved by grace, equipped with purpose, and called to pursue a vision. That vision is one that sees other people coming to know the same Jesus that has spoken love and change into your life. Open your heart and your eyes to the extended vision that God desires to impart to you.

Extended Reading Option: 1 Peter 2:9

Extended Journal Option: How have you ever felt discounted by the opinions of others? How have you seen God use that to bring you closer to the vision and purpose He has for you?

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