Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Extended Strength, 3: Take Time to Rest

“Then he lay down under the tree and fell asleep…” Elijah was tired and he needed to rest. He wasn’t going to figure it all out in that moment. He had given all he had to give, and now was the time to rest. Elijah was a man of God, but he was still a man. He had to recognize his own limitations so that he could better see the limitlessness of God. Rather than pushing on in the negative and discouraged mindset he had quickly grown into, he lay down and fell asleep. Strength would not come, until he had taken time to rest.

There are many times when the word “go” describes everything we do. We are people of busyness. There always seems to be something on the list that hasn’t yet been done, but needs accomplished. The pressure to get it all done can seem greatly insurmountable. Face the fact. You can’t do everything on your own or at the current pace. Like Elijah, you need to face the reality that, at times, you’re no good to yourself or others. You need to rest. You need to allow God to extend His strength to you through rest. When you are rested, you are more effective, more at peace, and better ready to extend yourself in extending the story of Jesus to the world!

Extended Reading Option: Exodus 33:14; Matthew 11:28-30

Extended Journal Option: Is the busyness of “go, go, go” an obstacle for you? Do you struggle to find a sense of peace when facing the pressures of everyday? What does it mean that His “presence will go with you,” and that He “will give you rest?”

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