Thursday, December 18, 2014

Extended Strength, 4: Let God "Feed" You

“All at once an angel touched him and said, ‘Get up and eat.’” Elijah had emptied himself of all of his energy. Now was the time to eat. The food he would eat would help to restore all that he had given out, but also to equip him for what he would need on the upcoming journey. What is further important to capture, is that it was God, through His angels that touched Elijah and pointed him to the prepared food. This was not food that Elijah had to prepare. It was set before him. All he had to do was choose to eat.

Jesus says that He is the “Bread of Life.” His Word, the Bible, is our “daily bread.” He knows that without proper nourishment, we will not be effective or equipped to do anything of real value or lasting success. The importance of feeding on His Word is why we are focused, even now as a team, on reading, journaling, and sharing together. God has called us to do something incredible. You are a part of what God is asking us to do. Consider that responsibility with great importance. Stay feeding and fed on His Word. Let His truth extend His strength to you. It will challenge you, but it will also change you into the greater person God wants you to be for the greater purpose He has designed just for you.

Extended Reading Option: Matthew 5:6; John 6:27

Extended Journal Option: What are the challenges in your life to being daily consistent in reading the Bible and meditating on what God says? How has reading and thinking about His word ever encouraged you, challenged you, or helped you through?

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