Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Extended Purpose, 3: Take a Risk

“…because she welcomed the spies…” Rahab took a risk. She risked the life of herself and the lives of her family the moment she crossed path with the Hebrew spies. She’d never met them and could never have known whether or not they could be trusted. But, she had inevitably heard stories about the God of the Hebrews, how He had extended their purpose, had given them great victories, and shown His great power in them and through them. She wanted what they had. She wanted to give that to her own family. She took a risk. She risked everything with no regret, but with great reward.

Taking a risk can be a frightening venture. So many of us, if we’re honest, can share stories of fears that have stopped us from moving fully towards something great. The fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of what might or might not be, can be both daunting and a deal-breaker. Dare to trust God and take a risk. It’s only a risk in your eyes, because you can’t see what’s next. In Christ, there is no risk, because there is nothing that He doesn’t see, doesn’t know, or doesn’t have a plan to bring it all around for your good and His glory. You must realize, that in your taking a risk, you are also making a potential difference in the life of someone else.

Extended Reading Option: Daniel 3:16-18

Extended Journal Option: How do you see preparing for this trip as a potential risk? What risks have you taken thus far? How have you overcome them to get to this point?

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