Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Extended Purpose, 2: Let Purpose Win

“…the prostitute Rahab…” This had been her identity. That word “prostitute” had marked her, stained her, and had been the label of her dishonor. Rahab had lost all hope of ever achieving something noble, for he had sold herself to the highest bidder, even when the highest wasn’t that high. She had traded her value for whatever someone else was willing to pay. When the Hebrew spies came to the city she lived and shared that God would be conquering that city, she asked for help finding a way out. In that moment, she chose to see an extended purpose in her life, and to let that purpose when over the label of who she had become.

Each one of us wears both a label and a mask. There is a label that describes how others see us and a mask that expresses how we want to be seen. Extended purpose is all about ripping off both labels and masks and realizing that God has something so much better than either. What He has for us is a purpose. You can either choose to give into the label or to the mask, yet never fully achieving the best that God has for you. The fact is, you have a purpose, a purpose bigger than you, bigger than your mistakes, and bigger than any label or mask that exists. Let purpose win.

Extended Reading Option: Genesis 50:20

Extended Journal Option: How have you felt viewed in the eyes of others? How as that impacted you at times, whether positive or negative? What purpose can you see beyond the mistakes you have been judged for?

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