Monday, December 8, 2014

Extended Purpose, 1: Rahab's Story

“By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spiked, was not killed with those who were disobedient” (Hebrews 11:31, NIV).

Rahab’s story could have ended like so many others who were no different than she. As a prostitute she held no real value or purpose that extended beyond the selfish goals of those who came to her. Her story was wrapped tight in the suffocating hold of pain, regret, and knowing who she really was. Yet, the Bible clearly hold her in a high regard! When the opportunity came for her to see her own purpose of God extended beyond what she had come to know as painfully normal, she took it. Her story was changed because she opened up her eyes to see a greater purpose for her life. It was an extended story that would be known by far more than just those who had shamed her.

You have a story that is much like that of Rahab. No matter where your story has taken you up to this point, God has an extended purpose just for you. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of the story that has been written. God is a great writer and knows how to take the story from where it is to a best-selling page-turner that leaves you on the pages of history as a hero, not a villain. Be willing to offer yourself completely to Him. It’s the only way the extended purpose will ever be realized.

Extended Reading Option: Joshua 6:24-25

Extended Journal Option: When it’s all said and done, what do you hope are the last words written about you? What do you hope is the summary of your extended story?

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