Thursday, December 25, 2014

Extended Obedience, 4: Obey

“Go!” This was the word the Lord spoke to Ananias to solidify His expectations. After all was said and done, the purpose of God hadn’t changed. Extended obedience would require Ananias to put all the pieces together and to put his faith into action. That action would be to obey the unrealistic and unimaginable direction that God had given. Obedience would give evidence to the fact that Ananias really did trust God, love God, and believe in the work Jesus had accomplished.

Without obedience, there can be no faith. We can believe that Jesus is real, but if we’re not obeying what He said, how can that faith be proven? Without faith, there is no love. Jesus said that if we love Him, then we’ll obey Him? This far into the journey, you have already discovered a great amount of stretching of your faith and obedience. Some of you never thought you’d be on a journey quite like this. Other are still finding yourself stretched beyond where you want to go. If God is talking, trust Him and obey. He’ll never ask you to do anything that is less than the great purpose He has for your life. Not only for your life, but for the lives of others around you.

Extended Reading Option: John 14:15; 1 John 3:24

Extended Journal Option: How has disobedience to God been a road-block in your life? What has obeying God taught you?

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