Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Extended Obedience, 3: Trust

“…But the Lord said to Ananias…” It wasn’t just about listening to God. It was also about trusting God. God would never have told Ananias to do something that wasn’t a part of a bigger picture. Ananias had to trust that God knew what He was doing. He had to trust that God a part for Ananias to play. He also had to trust that if things went south, that there was an extended purpose that would require his extended trust.

Trust isn’t about a knowledge of what we can see. Trust is a confident knowledge of who we know and what we can’t see. Trust is about not knowing how things will all work about, but knowing there is a greater purpose than we can realize in the present. Without trust, obedience will be inconsistent. God is asking you to do things that will extend you beyond where you are comfortable. Without trust, you will never obey. Trusting Him will enable you to walk in obedience. You will do what you never thought you would or could do. Trust will open wide the doors of obedience.

Extended Reading Option: Psalm 56:3-4

Extended Journal Option: How has preparing for this journey challenged you in trusting God? What have you seen God do in the process? How has that challenged or changed your faith?

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