Friday, December 5, 2014

Extended Learning, 5: See Redemption

“…and they will return to You.” David understood the power of restoration. He had deserved death for his actions, but instead God had given him a second chance. David was determined not to squander this opportunity for redemption. It was no longer about his redemption, but that of those around him. His life and direction had been changed. He was no longer heading for the destruction he deserved. It was both liberating and life-altering. He believed that others could be so affected. He chose to see the best in others as Nathan the prophet and God had seen in him.

Each one us have learned that we are capable of failure and of falling off track. We’ve also had the opportunity to learn the powerful message of God’s grace in our lives. There is a temptation of convenience in our lives to judge someone else for the actions they’ve done. It’s hard sometimes to see that certain people can change. Never underestimate the power of God working through your life. Through you, God can bring someone else closer to Him. Open your heart to see and to learn how God can do in others what He’s done in you.

Extended Reading Option: Romans 1:13-16

Extended Journal Option: How has someone thinking the worst in you affected you? How has someone believing the best in you, in spite of a bad situation, influenced you to move forward? What is God telling you in regards to how this can apply with you in the life of another?

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