Thursday, December 4, 2014

Extended Learning, 4: Teach from the Mistakes

“Then I will teach Your ways to rebels…” David understood that he was a human being like everyone else. He had risen high had fallen low. He was not above the fact of truth & consequences. There were lessons to be learned, and he learned hard. The next step in his “extended learning,” would be whether or not he kept those lessons to himself. David had a heart for God that took him beyond the potential embarrassment of his past. He knew that God had restored him and was willing to be used of God to bring restoration to others. David desired to teach the “rebels.” He saw a rebel heart within himself. God had taught him. He now longed to teach others.

Humility is allowing God to use the mistakes in our lives that has brought great embarrassment, and even shame, in a way that teaches and strengthens others. It is not an embarrassment to share stories of real life with real people who are facing real struggles about a real God who can bring real change. Trust that whatever mistakes you have made in your life is not the end. The story is not finished being written. Learn from the fall, but be willing to teach from the mistake.

Extended Reading Option: 1Corinthians 1:28-29

Extended Journal Option: If the mistakes you’ve made are lessons you can learn, how can you teach those lessons to others? Are there people in your life that have shared from their mistakes? How has that impacted you? As an “extended learner,” how can God use you to do the same?

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