Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Extended Learning, 3: Learn from the Fall

“…and make me willing to obey you…” This was more than David pleading to God to remove from him his choice and making it impossible for him to sin. He was asking God to grant him a “willing spirit.” His desire was not to merely push past this devastating scenario as though nothing had ever happened. He wanted to learn from it. David knew the look he had put on the face of God and made a choice never to have to see that look again. 

The mistakes we make can sometimes play as though they’ve been digitally programmed to repeat on and on. One of Satan’s greatest ploys is to take our mistakes and use them against us in a way that brings discouragement, doubt in who we are, and ultimately a “halt” on ever moving forward. Think about some of the mistakes that YOU have made. Don’t let them be the final words. What might God want to teach you in areas where you’ve failed? What can you learn? There is no failure that is wasted with God. He can flip it, turn it, change it from the inside and out, and use it for something great that you can’t yet see. Learn from it.

Extended Reading Option: Psalm 23:3

Extended Journal Option: Think of an area that you know where you know you have failed. What have you or can you learn from that place? What might God be wanting to teach you from what you could dismiss as “embarrassing” or “shameful”?

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