Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Extended Learning, 2: Accept the Mistake

“Restore to me…” This was a very powerful phrase for David to utter in his prayer before God. It was evidence of his accepting his own mistakes. David had been caught in a compromising situation with Bathsheba. He had a man killed so that he could have what he wanted. He didn’t think through the consequences for himself, or how it would affect his relationship with God. He had moved around all the pieces so they would appear to keep him in the clear. But God, through Nathan, had known. David’s next move would be crucial and very decisive on where he would go next. David chose to accept that he had done wrong. He had lost his integrity. He had lost his passion. He had lost his way. Admitting and accepting his mistake would be the first real evidence in David being a learner.

There are many things we know and many things, still, we need to learn. Have you ever thought about how easy it is for us, when making a mistake, to attempt to justify it, explain it away, blame it on others, or even ignore that it was a mistake at all? Why is that? We have a tough time admitting to being wrong. We all make mistakes. You make mistakes. The only way God can truly use you in any capacity is for you to choose to be an “extended learner.” He’s going to stretch you, but he will then use you. Don’t hide away from what He already knows. Have you made a mistake? Go ahead. Accept it. Learning starts here.

Extended Reading Option: Jeremiah 3:22

Extended Journal Option: Is it difficult for you to publicly own up to your own mistakes? Are you quicker to accept or to excuse? Why do you think it is harder for some, if not you, to accept personal responsibility for mistakes they’ve made?

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