Friday, November 7, 2014

Extended Love, 5: Jesus Carried

“…but have eternal life.” The Bible says that all you deserve for your sins is to die. Jesus came to die so that you could have life. Not just here, but that you might have life forever with Him. Jesus carried a cross, but with it He carried you, too. He carried our sins, our shame, our mistakes, our regrets, and everything else that would stand in the way of our living forever with Him. 

You were never carried just to be carried. You were carried so that you would live a life of helping to carry others. Ultimately, our purpose is that we carry others to Jesus. 

Extended Reading Option: Galatians 6:2

Extended Journal Option: How have you helped carry the load for others at different times or stages in your life? How have you ever been carried by someone else? In what ways are you challenged by this idea?

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