Friday, November 21, 2014

Extended Hope, 3: Believe in What You Have

“…and You will name Him Jesus.” The name “Jesus” means “God is salvation.” This was the name that Mary was instructed to name this first born son of a miraculous conception. For hundreds of years the Jewish people had hoped and waited for a promised Messiah to come and to save them from oppression. Every time Mary would utter the name of her son, even before He was born, should would be saying “God is salvation.” She would go from saying it, to believing it, before she would even see it.

Believe in what you have! That is the truth that gives credibility to the message we speak. As we take this message of hope to others, we must allow that hope to embrace us and change us, even if little by little. Know that the same Jesus came to save the people we go to, also came to save YOU. It’s not just a salvation from hell, but also from hopelessness. If you’ve received it, believe in it…and believe it. It’s truth.

Extended Reading Option: Psalm 71:5

Extended Journal Option: What has God done in you that strengthens your hope and has you convinced that He’s really with you?

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