Friday, November 14, 2014

Extended Faith, 5: Stay Focused on the Promise

“The LORD said to Abram…” This is the key to hanging on and not giving up. “The LORD said.” The word “LORD” is the proper and “official” name of God in the ancient language of Hebrew. It’s the name, YHWH, which means “everlasting one, one who never changes, one who never ceases to exist.” When God spoke to Abram, it was with a tone of voice that meant, “I wouldn’t tell you something if it weren’t true. It may seem unbelievable, but if it came out of My mouth, trust me…you can believe it.” Abram, then becoming Abraham, had to stay focused on the promise, no matter how impossible it seemed to be at times. There were even times when he got nervous and took matters into his own hands. His focused was blurred and the consequences were real. Yet, he remembered the words the LORD had spoken. He returned to focus. 

There is a reason God has spoken to your heart about being on this team. There is a purpose for you. God has a promise for you. There will be moments where tiredness, irritation, frustration, pride, or fear try to knock you off balance. Keep your eyes on Jesus and stay focused on the promise.

Extended Reading Option: Galatians 6:9

Extended Journal Option: What are the greatest distractions that attempt to throw you off track in your focus? What is God teaching you about focus?

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