Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Extended Faith, 2: Release Insecurity

“Leave your land, your relatives, and your father’s home…” Basically, Abram was called to leave…well…everything. In order to go to the place God would bless him, he had to be willing to leave it all behind. He had to leave behind his fears, his ability to control, and his plans for how it would have all worked out. His security was not found nor based on what he had accomplished or had obtained. Therefore, leaving it behind would not change the definition of who he was, yet it would free him to embrace all that God had in store. 

How much energy are you robbing from investing into your dreams and the destiny God has for you because of trying to hide insecurity? Go ahead. Let it go. Take risk. Freedom from the insecurity is well worth it.

Extended Reading Option: Jeremiah 29:11

Extended Journal Option: What insecurities are hiding behind the mask of your outward appearance? How have these stopped you from moving forward?

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