Friday, November 28, 2014

Extended Courage, 5: Step Out

“Go in the strength that is yours…” This would be God’s response to the excuses Gideon had to offer. There was a strength within Gideon that had been placed there by God. The time of hiding was over. The time of seeing himself through the limitation of his own eyes was over. The time for excuses was over. Now was the time to step out and “go.”

God will give us the extended courage to leave the familiar area of comfort and to step out into the unknown. We may not always know what awaits us. We like to have all the schedules prepared, know when and where everything is going to happen. Anything out of the ordinary threatens are sense of control, yet God has called us to step out. Be courageous. Step out into the unknown. For most of us, even being on this team is stepping out into the unknown. Trust God and continue to depend on Him for courage.

Extended Reading Option: Joshua 1:9

Extended Journal Option: Describe ways that you can apply courage in overcoming the regrets of yesterday and the uncertainty of tomorrow? Is this something you have to do alone? Who has God placed in your life to help you?

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