Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Extended Courage, 3: Look Past the Past

“But God faced him directly…” Gideon was quick to turn and focus on where they had been, but God was ready focus on where they were heading. Gideon continued to voice one excuse after another, mostly having to do with what was, and with what he couldn’t change. But God faced him directly.

We must look forward and at God directly. What He wants to do for us is not in our past. It’s not behind us, but right in front of us. We need to realize and accept that His eyes are not lasers that are ready to slice right through us. They are eyes that pierce us, but so that they can communicate a love and purpose. Let God’s eyes of love remind you that you are still worth something valuable. Let them remind you that you are His son or daughter. You do matter. You do have a purpose. You can…and will make a difference.

Extended Reading Option: Philippians 3:13-14

Extended Journal Option: What part of your past keeps holding you back? What is the most difficult part of moving past the past?

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