Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Extended Courage, 2: Look Through God's Eyes

“God is with you, O mighty warrior!” This took Gideon by surprise. In fact, it terrified him. He had been hiding from the enemy forces and trying to go about his daily chores unnoticed. Gideon was attempting to escape the attention of anyone, and now he has someone proclaiming him as a mighty warrior. Not only did he not feel like one, he wasn’t too thrilled about the new target that was just placed on his back. God had in mind a great victory for his people, and had Gideon in mind to lead the charge. The greatest hurdle, however, was that Gideon was looking through his own eyes, and not through the eyes of the Creator.
It is so easy for most of us to completely miss the greatest part of what God sees in us. We’re much quicker at spotting the imperfections and the many reasons why we can’t do something, why it’s not possible, or simply that we’ve failed too many times and are no longer qualified to be a part of something great. Stop looking at yourself through human eyes. Allow God to show you what He sees in you. Be courageous be used of God and to allow Him to bring a victory through you to someone else. Don’t forget, no matter great or small, a victory is a victory!

Extended Reading Option: 1 Samuel 16:7

Extended Journal Option: How do you see yourself? What is it about yourself that you need to see from God’s eyes? How you look? What you can do? Your value?

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