Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Push Pause

Read: "Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses…" (Numbers 13:30a, NKJV)
Think About it: One of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century was not the light bulb, the automobile, the computer, or even the television. It was the remote control. No more having to get off the couch to change the channels, but the freedom to switch programs, adjust volume, press play, stop, rewind, and yes, even PAUSE. The "pause" button was revolutionary as it gave you the opportunity to think about what you just saw in the cinematic feature that may have just blown your mind. You were able to ask a question, go to the restroom, or run to the kitchen for that "one more" bowl of popcorn. You didn't have to feel overwhelmed by the pressure of time. The "pause" button allowed you to pull yourself together and prepare for all that would come next. 
Going Deeper: Caleb understood the power of the "pause" button long before the creation of such a concept. He learned to apply the "Principle of Pause." During the wilderness days of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage and towards the great land of Promise, there was a team that was dispatched from the camp and sent out to scout the land of which God had spoken. Twelve men left their families with great anticipation to see this "field of dreams" that would become their homeland. It boasted of agricultural wealth and vegetative splendor. When they gave the report back to Moses, however, 10 out of 12 focused on the obstacles, the excuses, and the logic of why their exploration and possession of the land could never work. Caleb "quieted the people." He pushed pause. Rather than allow himself to become angry or to feel threatened, as he had seen the same land, but held a different passion, he quieted the voices around him. There will never be a shortage of negative voices when you are seeking out a positive direction. The loudest voices are the easiest to hear, but just because they're loud doesn't mean they come from God. Fear shouts with emotion, yet God many times will shout in the silence. Unless you "push pause," you may never hear the voice of peace that holds the power to quiet the voices of fear. 
Next Step: Remember the story of Jesus and His followers on the boat during a fierce storm? The Disciples were losing their cool as Jesus rested peacefully in sleep. After being awakened abruptly by their fear, Jesus rose and spoke confidently in faith three words that still command the attention and compliance of all commotion. "Peace. Be still!" When the voices of fear are causing chaos in the arena of your mind, call on the words of Christ with a faith that stands in defiance of that fear. "Peace. Be still!" When you are overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the future, the insecurities of the present, or the regrets of the past, "Peace. Be still!" When your fear attempts to place its hold of darkness over the eyes of your soul and anxiety rises up because you can't see the light, "Peace. Be still!" Don't let fear rob you from the promise to which only faith can lead you. When the voices get loud, don't fear, just push pause. 

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