Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hold Your Peace

Read: "Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said…" (Numbers 13:30b, NKJV).

Think About it: Like a prowler in the night, cloaked by the secrecy of the darkness, he slowly approaches his seemingly unsuspecting target. The eyes of his prey have not shown any indication of detection, so the mission proceeds as intended. As he rounds the last protective barricade that separates him from the glory of his goal, he rounds behind, reaches up, and prepares to shout Twith deepest and loudest battle cry that a 9 year-old little boy who's trying to scare his dad can muster. Just as he is about to lay claim to his prize, his dad, having been completely aware of the undercover mission from the moment he heard the rumbling in the hallway, turns around and says, "Hey buddy...whatcha doing??" In regards to scaring his dad, epic fail. Dad holding onto his peace in the midst of unknown circumstances? Mission accomplished!

Going Deeper: Take a closer look at the last two words in the first part of Numbers 13:30. "And said..." Often overlooked as simple words of insignificant value, they provide a clear view through an open window into the reality of Caleb's mindset. Believing that the reconnaissance mission from which he had just returned with Joshua and ten others to be a grand success with opportunity to lay hold of the land promised by God, he had just endured a negative report teeming with reasons based on fear and intimidation as to why such a mission would be impossible. Caleb's response, after quieting the people, is noted as "...and said." Notice that it didn't say, "and shouted," "and lost his temper," "or became defensive and emotional." Caleb held his peace as he grabbed hold to the promises God had already spoken. When you are holding on in faith, you can hold on to the peace that passes all understanding when the fears of doubt and uncertainty rage around you. Don't give into the temptation to react in fear. Choose to stand, slow down, rest in God and respond in faith.

Next Step: You don't have to lose your peace to the fears you face. When you hold on to Jesus, you are holding on to the Prince of Peace, to the One who has the authority to speak peace into your life and into every situation that attempts to rob you of the peace that He gives. What situations have the greatest play in your life to bring you to a place of speaking before you think? What "grabs your goat," or brings you to the brink of losing your temper? Slow down. Take a breath. Before you open your mouth, running the risk of responding based on the emotions that envelop you, remember the promise that God has for you. What promise? His greatest promise is His presence. He's with you. He's not caught off guard by what surprises you. He's steady. He's faithful. He's wise. He's with you. As you trust the One who walks beside you, you can respond in a faith that is grounded in His promise.

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Mary Sayler said...

Good word, Chris! Thanks and blessings.