Thursday, March 6, 2014

Determine Your Pursuit

Read: "Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it" (Numbers 13:30, NKJV).

Think About it: "What if he says 'no,'" was the thought that ran rampant in my mind as I sought to serve eviction notice to the swarm of spastic butterflies that were turning my stomach into an amusement park on a summer afternoon. "But this can't be a coincidence," I thought. "I know that God has worked this out for me to being going over there at this very moment." At seventy six years of age, his lungs plagued by an infestation of scarred tissue and a feeding tube that had been determined it was time to pull it out, he was a man with a clock whose ticks were quickly running out. Never before really being open to the idea of the love and grace of God, the circumstances that God had orchestrated made all of that seem silly and inconsequential. Here we were. He and I. Face to face. Stressed over the idea that death had yet to take him, we talked about the grace of God through Jesus and the power of prayer offered up on his behalf by a family that cared about his place in eternity. The determination to pursue the path that God had divinely placed me on that day, in faith, was more powerful than the fear that stubbornly tried to stand in the way. At seventy six years of age, at the end of that day, he was ready to stand and be counted as one who had confessed his belief and surrender to Christ. 

Going Deeper; Caleb, a man of forty years, had a determined faith that he, along with the others, could lay hold of every blessing God had called for them to have. He believed there was nothing that could stand in the way of what God wanted for them, if they would only believe. He declared with a courageous faith his confidence of what they should do, what the results would be, and that they were undeniably overcomers. Fear had infected the faith of the ten who focused on obstacles, while the faith of two had overrun that same fear as they focused on the God-given opportunities. Each day of life is about purpose and pursuit. Your purpose doesn't change. It has been given to you by the One God who formed the very idea of you in the creative genius of His limitless mind. What you pursue, however, is based upon the faith you have in the purpose He has authored. You will either pursue a path that has been determined by a fear that zeros in on the impossibilities of a Divine Destiny, or you will pursue a journey by faith that has been determined by your purpose. Determine your pursuit.

Next Step: Don't allow fear to lead you. Don't let your conversations with those closest to you be guided by a fear of how they will respond, how they've reacted in the past, or how you've played out the scenario in your mind as though it was already the reality of your present. Before you respond to anything today that attempts to appeal to your emotions, determine your pursuit. Determine to walk down the road that has been paved by God, navigated by God, and is led by God. Know that He has a purpose for you. Don't allow fear to lead you astray because of the hurts of the past, the frustrations of the present, or the uncertainties of the future. In faith, know that God is in control. He sees the giants, and yet His purpose for you hasn't changed. Trust God. Determine to pursue in faith over fear. Enjoy seeing how God works it all out!

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