Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ready. Steady. Secure.

Read This: "Blessed is the person who trusts the LORD. The LORD will be his confidence. He will be like a tree that is planted by water. It will send its roots down to a stream. It will not be afraid in the heat of summer. Its leaves will turn green. It will not be anxious during droughts. It will not stop producing fruit" (Jeremiah 17:7-8, GW).

Think About it: You could hear the bon fire crackling, the smells of an autumn family cook-out were intoxicating, and the evidence could be clearly seen of a back-yard football team taking shape. There was an even mix of older teenagers and young adult guys splitting off in a selection process that would form the two teams. The guys being picked became less and less until they had all been drafted and the teams seemed set and ready to battle it out on the back-yard grid-iron. All except for one. Just shy of nine years old, the one that nobody thought was seriously trying to play with the "big boys," he turned to one of the team captains and spoke with absolute certainty, " which team am I on?" It never dawned on the underaged, underestimated, and overlooked man of junior-size that he wouldn't be picked for a team. As far as he was concerned, he was playing, it just wasn't yet determined who he'd be playing for. He wasn't insecure about the teams being picked. He was confident in who he was. He was convinced that he had something to offer his team. He wasn't concerned about his age, his size, or his experience. He was ready to play his heart out. He knew who he was in his father's eyes and that gave him the confidence he needed to see through his own eyes. They placed him on a team and what an amazing sight to see! These young adults and high school students playing football with a nine-year old! He refused to give into the influences of fear, doubt, or insecurity. Besides, there was too much fun to be had!

Going Deeper: When you know who you are, there is a security and a confidence that will carry you through the moments of doubt and discouragement. The prophet Jeremiah explains that a sincere trust in God is the bedrock foundation for a solidified sell-esteem that produces an undeniable confidence.He uses the analogy of a tree that will face the harshest of climate conditions. Though  there may be a drought of desert-like proportions, that tree will stand firm and flourish. The tree is not dependent upon what may or may not hit the surface. That tree has rooted deep and has made contact with the life-giving refreshment of the ground-water. As long as it is connected to the ground-water, it is convinced that it will not be forced to react to the ever-changing conditions of the climate around it. It is secure. It is steady. It's for real.

Next Step: Rather than focusing on all that contributes to the unwanted feelings of insecurity that you might battle, focus on "digging deeper" and making contact with the "ground-water" of the Holy Spirit of God. That's where you will be able to stand secure and face the doubts that will challenge your faith, your confidence, and your sense of purpose. Connect to Him on purpose and with purpose. Search the Bible for verses that speak to the issues that you face that chip away at your sense of security. Read them. Think on them. Pray them back to God. Receive a renewed confidence in Him. Know who you are because you have made connection and have purposed to know who He is.

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Alex Uzor said...

Thank you Chris. I am blessed by this post. May the Lord continue to inspire you to write more. Keep on writing, we are reading and we are getting blessed.