Wednesday, February 12, 2014

(40 Days of Focus) Day 39: "Ready for the Journey"

Read:But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8, NIV).  
Think About It: It had to be done. He volunteered to do it. It would be a one day journey that would take him from one end of the state of Pennsylvania to the other, through Delaware, and in to New Jersey, and back to the starting line. There was computer equipment that had to be returned to a warehouse and it would be more cost effective, in the time that was required, to have him drive it than it would to package it, pay the cost by weight, and have it delivered. The day began before the sun would rise. He had a package that must be delivered. Before launching onto the turnpike that would be his home for the next 300 miles, he stopped in a local “in and out” to stock up on the necessities. Gas for the van, check. Snacks for the road, check. Four over-sized energy drinks to safeguard any on-the-road naps, double check! Wired and ready, the journey had shifted into full gear. He had what needed delivered and he had what he needed in order to see that it was delivered. The success of his journey would rest contingent upon the success of his preparation. 

Going Deeper: Much more than an energy drink was the need of the disciples for the journey Jesus had prepared them for. The road they would walk and the “package” they would deliver would be possible only through the complete empowerment of the Holy Spirit of God. Jesus promised that upon His earthly departure that the Holy Spirit, the One called ‘Encourager,’ ‘Counselor,’ ‘Advocate,’ and One who ‘walks alongside’ would come. Jesus understood the difficulty of the task His followers had given their lives to see fulfilled. It would take them beyond the familiarity of their homes, past the boundaries of their comfort zones, and into the fires of trial and opposition. On their own will, they could begin, but never finish. They needed something more. They needed Him, and the Holy Spirit was God’s answer through Jesus to that very need. More than merely a “force,” the Holy Spirit is the persona and presence of God that strengthens you, leads you, encourages you when the road is long, and comes alongside you through every twist and turn. So many, in their quest to argue for or against the various “manifestations” of the Holy Spirit, lose sight of what’s really important. The Holy Spirit is a promise for all who believe and who are open for all that He is and are ready to receive all that He has, in order to accomplish all that that He has willed to do.

Next Step: “When the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” is a phrase that implies “invited invasion.” When you throw your hands up to Him and surrender your own control over the journey, He invades with all wisdom, all power, and all comfort. There are people in your life that need the word of Truth that God has revealed to you through His word. Lift up your hands as a symbol of surrender. Ask Him, today, to fill you with the strength that He knows you need for the task to which He has called you. Don’t fight it. Don’t go it alone. The success of your journey will depend upon the success of your surrender.

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