Monday, February 10, 2014

(40 Days of Focus) Day 37: "That's Why"

Read:You, too, from your side must give your confirming evidence, since you are in this with me from the start” (John 15:27, MSG).
Think About It: “Why did you give your life to Christ,” I asked him. A few weeks removed from that moment when he surrendered all he had ever known to the One who had known him completely, I had never heard him give a reason for “why.” So, I asked. With a look of focus and conviction, he gave an answer that was innocent, simple, yet strong-standing with a sincerity that would not be shaken. “Because He told me to” was his straightforward answer that had long before become a trademark of his personality.  He shared how God had spoken to him in a dream, and how His voice was calming, yet with a strength that gave him a peace and confidence he never before encountered. To this new follower of Christ there were still many questions in which to seek out answers and much to learn about what he now believed. But one things was clear and certain. He believed. He had been changed by the undeniable voice and calling of Jesus. That he was sure of. That he had heard. And that is the evidence he gave.
Going Deeper: There are people everywhere and every day who will argue the science of religion and politics. They will fight the battle of the balance of fact and faith. There will be statistics and studies that will be used as ammunition to make the point that will win the debate. Jesus told His followers that He had done His part. He had come from Heaven to earth to give His life and to conquer the curse of sin for all who would believe. As Jesus prepared to return to the right-hand of the Father, He charged them with the responsibility to do their part. It was as if Jesus was saying, “People will notice the differences in the life they live and the life they see you living. They’re going to ask you why. Be ready to tell them.” Think back to the “beginning” when the revelation of Jesus’ presence became so real to you. There was something in that moment that began to convince you that He was real, that what He had to offer was the satisfaction of the emptiness you had tried to fill in vain. Jesus’ call for anyone follows Him is not to be able to explain everything about Him. He’s too indescribable. He doesn’t fit into the explainable limitations of your understanding. He does, however, ask you to be ready to give an answer for the hope that you have in Him. Live the evidence that is the difference between who you used to be and who you are becoming. When someone asks, tell them “why.”

Next Step: Can you remember that moment when the fog of confusion began to burn away in the illuminating light that would reveal Itself to you as Jesus? Perhaps it wasn’t just one moment, but a series of moments where God has or is showing you that He’s right there beside you. Take a moment to write it down. Be reminded of how God has spoken to you in the still, small, yet comforting and calming voice. Commit it to memory. At some point, someone’s going to ask you “why.” Be ready to tell them, “…that’s why.” It may not explain everything, but it’s part of the evidence that led you to relying on Jesus.

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