Sunday, February 9, 2014

(40 Days of Focus) Day 36: "Relentless Love"

Read:God loved the world this way: He gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life” (John 3:16, GW).
Think About It: “This is definitely not what I thought my life would be like at this point,” he said as he looked back over the last three years in bewilderment and a confusion that left him partially numb. His wife of over a decade was gone. She had fought a hard battle with a disease that was unrelenting. Though she had won the battle through the lenses of eternity, the weight of the world seemed to rest uncompromisingly on the shoulders of her former high school sweetheart, now turned single father of three. He knew the road before him would be tough, unfamiliar, and at times lonely. Three kids that were reminders of the treasured love he once shared with his wife were now, more than ever, desperately dependent upon him. Regardless of how he felt and the necessity of dealing with and finding healing in his own grief, it would be his relentless love as a dad that would be the stability his children would find as their “safe place.” As a dad, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to ensure they find the restoration they needed, security they longed for, and hope for a future they required. Throwing in the towel would sound momentarily appealing, but it would be his relentless love as a father that would see the need, dig deep from within his own need, and seek to meet the need.

Going Deeper: The relentless love of a father will do whatever necessary to see that the ones he loves are taken care of, no matter the cost. This was the relentless love that God showed all of humanity in sending His own Son, Jesus, God in the flesh, to a world lost in the confusion of its own chaos. It would be a love that would cause Him much pain as Jesus would face ridicule and rejection, all for the purpose of redemption. God, Himself, would turn His face from Jesus on the cross because of the weight of the sin He chose to bare. It was the relentless love of the Father that purposed to love a lost and dying world enough to place Himself as a sacrifice. It was His relentless love that made a way for redemption to evolve from a promised revelation to a purposed reality. Jesus came so that all might know, that no matter how unforgiving the consequences of this fallen world might be, there is a love that is more overwhelming and more overpowering. It is a love that pierces the hearts of the bitter and restores the hearts of the broken. It’s a love that never stops, never grows outdated, and is unconditionally available to those who would receive it. This is why Jesus came. This is why you are here; to bridge the space in between the relentless love of Jesus and the reality of the need of those around you.

Next Step: “I love you.” These are words everyone longs to hear. The true mark of love’s sincerity is when you can say those words without the expectation of hearing them spoken in return. When have you last used those words? Look for an opportunity today that you might be the mouthpiece of God to speak those words to another. Someone needs to hear of the relentless love of Jesus. Who will you tell?

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