Friday, January 10, 2014

(40 Days of Focus) Day SIX: "Sing it Loud"

Read: Sing a new song to the Lord! Everyone on this earth, sing praises to the Lord, sing and praise his name. Day after day announce, “The Lord has saved us!”  Tell every nation on earth, “The Lord is wonderful and does marvelous things!  The Lord is great and deserves our greatest praise! He is the only God worthy of our worship.  Other nations worship idols, but the Lord created the heavens.  Give honor and praise to the Lord, whose power and beauty fill his holy temple'" (Psalm 96:1-6).
Think About It: "Na na na na, na na na na. Hey, hey, hey. Goodbye." This was the "national anthem" of our hometown high school football team after each game leading up to the state finals. Though it might have been perceived by others as arrogance, to us and to our small school in our small town, it was a proclamation to far we had come. The very year before, our team had grown accustomed to the ridicule of defeat. One season later, however, so much had changed. The team had changed. The focus had changed. The level of excitement had changed. The results on the field had changed. We sang it loud and we sang it proud. We weren't ashamed of where had come from and were excited about where we were going. We wanted the world to know. 
Going Deeper: "The Lord is wonderful and does marvelous things!" This song of David is one that declares his heart and the heart of his nation for all that God had done. They recognized that every victory that became theirs, was not on their merits alone. It was God Almighty that strengthened them, that went before them, that fought the battle with them. Now was the time of singing and celebrating. It was their time to tell the world with a song that God was with them and all that He had done for them. The fact is, God is here. He always has been. He is here to provide, to set free, to encourage, to forgive, to speak, and to love. His presence has to first be recognized. When we acknowledge that the Almighty God, the masterful designer of all that is seen, and the One who has hand-crafted an individual purpose for each us is here and has always been here, it is a reason to sing! There have been days when our song was self-centered and sounded nothing in the realm of celebration. We served ourselves, lived by our own strength, and were left feeling empty and lost. But when we discovered the personal and powerful love of Jesus, a new song would soon be sung
Next Steps: What has Jesus done in your life? What have you attempted to write off as mere coincidence, that when you take a moment to look back, you see the fingerprints of God on every moment that has passed? It's time to sing. It's time to declare the goodness of God to others around you. It's time to sing it loud without worry or care about how it sounds. Tell God today how grateful you are about a time that He brought you through. Recognize how His hand has been upon your life. Offer Him the credit for good things in your life. Sing a new song. It'll be a chart-topper!

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