Saturday, January 11, 2014

(40 Days of Focus) Day SEVEN: "The Art of Chase"

Read: "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29:13, NIV).
Think About It: One evening when my youngest son was only three, he taught me so much about what worship really is what it looks like. It was late, I was tired, and not feeling my level best. My eager to play little toddler climbed into the bed to be close to me. As I reached over to give him a kiss on the cheek, he countered my "cheeky" attempt with the goal of planting a wet sloppy one right on the lips! Not feeling great, and with my scholarly wisdom, I decided it not the best idea. In response, I deflected his kiss so that his lips would land on my cheek instead. Apparently I had discounted the determined and passionate resolve of such a little person. His persistence to achieve what he had initially set out to do could no longer be ignored. The more he tried, the more I resisted. He laughed, but his laughter did not prove to be an obstacle to his objective, and so he continued. The more I leaned from one side to the other, the greater the focus he possessed. All of a sudden the young underestimated little guy took me by total surprise. He climbed up onto the top of my head as if in some mountainous conquest, leaned over, grabbed my face, and planted a big, fat, wet smooch right on my lips. He looked right into my eyes, and with such victory and conviction he declared, “I got you, Daddy!”
Going Deeper: God loves the chase. He's not running away from us, but He enjoys the pursuit of our affection. God conveyed this same message through the prophet Jeremiah. "When you seek the Lord with all your heart, you will find Him." God is not lost, but desires being sought after with the determination of finding. What we're finding is not a lost God, but finding ourselves lost in His embrace and enveloped in the mystery of His presence. The word "heart" was used to take the listener beyond the simple idea of a blood-pumping organ. Rather, it was to illustrate the very core of their being, the innermost part of their desires, the seat of their emotions, the center of their ambitions. It is with this same idea that we are called to seek the God of Heaven who has chosen and desires to make His home within each one of us.  
Next Steps: This is your day and this is your time. Right now in this very moment you can seek the face of God with the determination of finding Him. You won't find   Him as lost, but you will find Him and the purpose that He has for your today. Take some paper and place the top five items that will monopolize your mind if you don't accomplish them today. What will require your attention, your focus, and your energy? As you look that list, where is God? Did He make the top 5? Is He number 1? The truth is, God's desire is not to be on your list at all. Rather, He wants to be the list on which all of your other priorities are listed on. That's seeking Him with all your heart. Chase Him. He won't run and He doesn't hide. He enjoys the pursuit.

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