Wednesday, January 29, 2014

(40 Days of Focus) Day 25: "Lead the Dream"

Read: "When leaders lead in Israel, When the people willingly offer themselves, Bless the LORD!” (Judges 5:2, NKJV).
Think About It: “I want to make a difference.” This was more than a statement and much more than a pipe-dream. It was a passion birthed out of a desire to see men rise up amidst the challenges and pressures of this world, and be the men of courageous honor God had created them to be. His qualifications were simple. He was a military veteran, a retired businessman, and had a passion for men to know the same redemptive love of Jesus that had completely transformed his own life many years ago. He longed to see a place where men felt as though they belonged, had something to offer, and could lead as God had called them to lead. He started with a passion and dream that evolved into a team who had been captured by that same drive and determination. Each week he could be seen shaking hands, encouraging men to connect, inviting them to Bible studies, breakfasts, conversation over coffee, and speaking a word of challenge or inspiration for the week ahead. The results were also simple, yet deeply profound. Men stepped up, stood with, and set out on the trail that had been blazed. What had began as a dream has grown into a destiny. When leaders lead and people offer themselves, “Praise the Lord!”

Going Deeper: When leaders lead and people willingly give of themselves to serve…PRAISE THE LORD!  The people of Israel were off to battle. There was a purpose that had united them. There was a goal that was to be achieved. There was a functionality to the faith they had in God to see them on to victory. They had to work together. Leaders had to lead. People had to be willing to stand alongside in passion and purpose and pursue that which had become the common goal. They willingly gave of themselves. The victory was never about the accolades of one person’s achievement, but about the best that God had for a people who worshipped Him above all else, and who were committed to living out a life that pointed back to Him. They saw God as the answer to their questions, the solution to their problems, and the destination of their journey. Leaders have to be willing to lead. All have to be willing to link up, stand arm in arm, see the goal in the distance, and trust God for the favor and the victory. As they determine to seek the face of God together, they will see the plan of God and the blessings of God become the reality for those who yield to God.

Next Step: John C. Maxwell, Christian author and expert on leadership, has defined leadership in a simple phrase: “Influence. Nothing more. Nothing less.” The idea of “leadership” is frightening and intimidating for many. Don’t be sucked into the fear. You are an influencer. You are a leader. Seek God for the dream that’s bigger than you. What’s on your heart that you want to see God do that will make an impact and leave an imprint that’s bigger than you? Write it down. Trust God for the determination to look beyond the obstacles that stand in your way. Follow God in HIS direction as He leads you in the dream He wants to give you.

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