Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unbroken Promises

Matthew 1:17 Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah. (NIV)

They say rings symobolize an unbroken promise that knows no end. The ring that rests on the second to last finger on my left hand serves to remind me of that truth on many levels. Not only does it represent the "until death do us part" vow that I declared to my wife, it communicates the faithful truth of God's ability to stand firm on His promises. The ring that I wear as my wedding ring was my father's. My dad wasn't there during the formative years of my childhood, the chaos of adolescence, nor for the emerging years of young adulthood. During those years, however, I stood firm on the promise I believed God had spoken to me that "one day," there would be restoration for my broken heart and in this seemingly shattered relationship. Years later, into my mid-twenties, I would see the promise of God fullfilled during the last six years of my dad's young life. He would succumb to illness, yet we would both live to see the power of a faithful God. As I look at this ring that has "seen it all," I am challenged and encouraged in knowing that through the years and the ages, God never changes. He is true to His Word and to His promise. The responsibility for me was to answer the question, "will I trust Him?" I said, "yes."

Matthew 1 reveals  what sometimes feels like an endless and purposeless list of  ancestral geneology. At further look, however, there is a priceless treasuer in the truth of that revelation. There were 42 generations between Abraham and Jesus. There was a promise made to Abraham and to David that the Messiah would come. Imagine all of the life that was lived during those generations. There was celebration. There was disappointment. There were comittments made, vows broken, and consequences encountered. Through it all, the promise of God to Abraham would never return void. The book of Numbers expresses the reality that "God is not a man that He would lie." He is faithful and true. Jesus would be identified as the Way, the TRUTH, and the life. His promises are as certain as the "yes" and the "amen." In spite of Israel's sinfulness and exhile, God's covenant to save and to deliver would still stand. The Word of God is faithful and God is faithful to fulfill.

Hold fast to the Word of God in your life and you will see ALL of His promises fulfilled. Stay connected to His Word and you will be comforted by His promises during the long seasons when it feels as though nothing positive is taking place. God is faithful in the storms and in the silence. Trust Him. Choose to hold on to His faithfulness as you commit to partner you faithfulness  in obedience to His word. God's promises will always hold true. As long as you choose obedience to His word, His will, His way, and depend upon Him, you will not have to accept the 42 generation gap. You can receive the promise, trust His faithfulness for the promise, and see the fulfillment of His promise.

What obstacle are you facing right now that would appear to be a contradiction to what you are believing and desperately hoping in God to do? Have you fully laid that desire down at the feet of Jesus? Have you surrendered your purpose unto Him? Have you yielded your disappointments to Him? Have committed to trust Him through the entire journey regardless of the inevitable twists and turns that come your way? Open His Word. Take a look at the Bible. His Word is Truth. It never loses its relevance, nor its power. Every promise that God has spoken, He still speaks. It's personal. He loves you. He's waiting on your trust and your obedience. He will not fail you.

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