Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spit Happens

"Then He spit on the ground, made mud with the saliva, and spread the mud over the blind man's eyes" (John 9:6).

It was a Saturday in November and our home was already in a state of "planned" chaos. We were closing in a porch and converting into the kitchen of my wife's dreams. Contractors were there, loud noises unmistakeable, and order seemed to be a long ways off in the distant future. With a large planned event for that night at our church and with grocery shopping being the necessity before hand, that Saturday was more loaded than a baked potato at a greasy spoon steak house. 

During the rush of the morning, I went down stairs into our finished basement. Immediately I heard the sound of water splashing. The warmth of that water had quickly saturated the socks I was wearing and quickly found its way in between and over my toes. I looked over to the closet that housed our hot water tank and beheld our very own fountain pool that brought back memories of Niagara Falls! On top of the construction project, the ordeal of having to price out water heaters, securing the plumber on an emergency basis on a Saturday, and the bill that would soon follow, that day went from loaded to overloaded. 

The very next week, on a Saturday, no less, my sons came rushing up from the basement bathroom describing something that reminded me of the "Swamp Thing." I should have been thankful that at least we had hot water, but this situation was going from bad to worse. I tried plunging. I attempted snaking. I even took off the toilet and reached down in with my hands! All to NO AVAIL. It was now Thanksgiving weekend and I again called the plumber. After doing all he knew to do, he gave me the not-so-great news that it was more than we anticipated. Of course I knew this meant the cost would be more than we anticipated, too. The next thing I know, there was a backhoe in my yard digging down four to five feet to discover what used to be a pipe, now crushed. The inconvenience. The cost. The stress. Where was God?

During that season, when it seemed like everything was going bad to worse, as though God had somehow abandoned His post at hearing and answering prayers, He reminded me of something. He never left. He was and is always there. There was a purpose behind His allowance of all I was facing.

What must the disciples have thought upon seeing Jesus spit on the dirt, form the mud into a useable element, and spread it over the eyes of a blind man! The man was already living a life of darkness, forced to beg, knowing that everyone else was on their journey. He had reconciled to living a life content upon the leftovers of others, and now Jesus was here. Rather than waving his fingers and reciting some fanciful and lofty prayer, He spreads mud in the eyes of a blind man. Bad to worse seemed to be only the beginning. 

The word for "spread" used in the Greek in which it was originally written is the same word that is used for the word "anoint." To anoint is to "call out" or to appoint. It's the word that was used for those that were anointed to be king or priest. It is the same meaning in which Jesus said He was anointed to preach the good news. God will use the spit and mud situations in your life in order to anoint you further for the calling He has for you. He will use ANYTHING to bring about the purpose He has for your life. Don't get mad when it feels like God is spitting in your eyes. He's using the dirt of the situation you find yourself in, though it appears to be going from bad to worse, and is working a miracle in you and through you. He is opening your blind eyes to see His face, His purpose, and a vision for "what's next" that you would never otherwise believe! Trust Him...and you'll SEE!

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Sharon said...

Woe! In a word: POWERFUL!