Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Held in Perfect Peace

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you" 
(Isaiah 26:3).

It was a Sunday night, a group of parents with kids had just left our home, and my youngest son was high on an overdose of pancake syrup and adrenaline. He was leaning back in his chair, having ignored the uncounted warnings of what could possibly transpire when all four legs of a kitchen chair are not firmly planted on the surface of a ceramic tiled kitchen floor. He leaned back, the chair lost balance, and the softness of his almost five year old head it the brand new floor with a thud that was accompanied by all of the strength and volume his little lungs could muster. He screamed. He cried. He bled. I squirmed.

After cleaning him off and assessing the wound, we knew it would be necessary to get it looked at. After getting processed at a local urgent care facility, it was determined that my little boy would need staples. Upon hearing that declaration, he looked into my eyes and asked in a bit of a whimper, "Daddy, is it going to hurt?" With honesty and gentleness, I responded that it would, but that I promised that I would be with him the whole time and that he could do it.

The doctor and her nurse came into the room and my son began to softly cry. He was laying on his stomach, in position for them to attend to the one inch gash in the back of his head. As they expected him to flinch and flail around, they motioned for me to loosely lay over his little body, so that any moves he might make would not adversely affect the procedure. I grabbed his little hand, leaned over, and began to speak gently in his ear as the clicking sound of staples entering flesh began to be heard. He cried. He cried more. The pain could be heard in the sounds of my little boy. Through it all, I continued to speak words of assurance into his ears. "You're doing great." "I'm right here with you." "You're almost through this, son." "Daddy's right here." My son never moved. He never flinched. He laid there and endured what was necessary. He trusted his dad's words and was comforted by my presence.

What a lesson I learned that night from my son. There are moments of adversity that each of us encounter. Sometimes it is a result or consequence of some choice we've made. Other times it is just a reality of the circumstances around us in ways that we have no power to change. Isaiah 26:3 says that He hold us in perfect peace. His peace is whole and complete. There are no holes or inefficiencies in the peace in which He guards us and keeps watch over us. This peace is promised, yet provisional. It is based on the condition of our trust. Will I keep my mind on Him, or will I turn my focus to that which I cannot control? Is my peace in Him who can do all things? Am I meditating on the truth of who He is or the lie of what emotions want me to believe?

Don't lose heart when you are facing something that seems unbearable. Don't give into the emotions of fear, insecurity, and uncertainty. God, your Heavenly Daddy, is holding you. He is with you. He knows what you are facing. He knows His plan for you. He knows that what you are going through now is not the end, but is a means to arriving at what He has purposed for you. You don't have to fear, flinch, or flail. As you trust Him who loves you most, you will find and know peace. You will still face trials, obstacles, and adversity. It will still hurt, and at times, you will still cry. But, you will know that your Father is right with you, comforting your pain, calming your fears, and calling your name. He is holding you.

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charlene lisanti said...

Thank you. Having a less than perfect day. This was just what I needed, when I needed it.