Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skeptical Faith?

"They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus" (Luke 24:2).

I believe in Jesus.  I believe He is the savior of the world, the Son of God, and IS God (a lot of theology here, save for another time).  I believe He healed the sick, walked on water, raised the dead, and showed the great power of His own Deity in conquering the grave by rising from the dead and ascending into Heaven.  I believe it.

I doubt.  Though I say I believe, when faced with a trial that challenges that belief, I respond in ways that contradict my faith.  With my attitudes, I rewrite the premise and definition of faith from believing and hoping in that which cannot be seen, to faith is substance of what I want and believed upon the evidence of what I see.  As a Christian, the two ideas are incompatible.  If I say I believe, and I doubt, how can I really believe?  My faith is tested by that which attacks my belief.  Faith is when I can celebrate even when what I see is less than what I believe.

The disciples and followers of Jesus came to the tomb and found exactly what gave the evidence to what Jesus had spoken.  He said He would rise again.  The stone was rolled away.  He was gone!  They did not believe.  They entered out of doubt, not out of celebration.  They found Him not to be there.  The word found is a word that signifies seeking.  They saw the open tomb and expected to find Him there...still dead.  He was gone.  It was as though they still didn't believe what Jesus had said.

When you see God begin to do the amazing things that He's promised for your life, believe Him.  Don't get distracted by what you do see or what you don't see.  Keep your eyes lifted to Him.  Stay focused on His eyes.  When all you see is Jesus, everything else begins to fade into its proper place.  It is not up to you to prove it right or wrong, check it out, or to give it your stamp of approval.  It is up to you to believe and to celebrate by faith all that He's promised.  Remember, faith is when you can celebrate even when what you see is less than what you believe.

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