Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Integrity: Acting In Line With Your Beliefs

"They were unable to trap Him in what He said there in public.  And astonished by His answer, they became silent" (Luke 20:26).

Have you ever noticed that for some, arguing is like the very air that they depend on for breathing.  If they couldn't argue, they couldn't live.  I lived much of my growing up life in the same way.  It was once said of me that I would argue with a fence post!  Of course, I immediately developed a well thought out opposition detailing how I would never, nor could ever, argue with a fence post.  OK.  I proved THEIR point.

Turn on the TV, watch a presidential debate, listen to an afternoon radio talk show, or any one of the panel shows that have become synonymous with daytime television.  Arguing has become a way of life.  Its entertainment.  It sells.  However, the "payoff" comes at a great cost, "arguably" a cost that can't come close to reconciling what is "gained" with what is lost. Relationships are weakened, humility is sacrificed, integrity is forfeited, and credibility put out to pasture.

From the time Jesus walked the terrain of this earth in human form, there had been those who whose very goal in life was to seek out and find contradictions in Him.  To disprove Him would somehow eradicate themselves of personal responsibility in regards to what His teaching represented.  They tried.  They failed.  They could never formulate an argument, regardless of the attraction of its fabrication, that could trap Him.  He didn't argue in the way that our current culture understands the concept of argument.  He didn't become defensive.  He didn't counter with a verbal assault.  He spoke Truth.  He lived Truth.  He was Truth.  Truth will always stand, will always endure, and will always serve as the best argument and the most worth while defense.

Believe it or not, you do not have to argue in a competitive, defensive, or aggressive fashion concerning any area of your life.  So many people make an argument over their politics, their morals, or even "arguing" about who Jesus is.  Your best argument will always be the life of integrity that you live before Christ.  That will speak louder than any word that ever escapes the boundaries of your lips.  That is the argument that will be the most believable.  Your best effort in "arguing" this truth is to live it out and to all that TRUTH to be evident in you.

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