Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prayer Changes Things: Starting with the One Who Prays

"As He was praying, the appearance of His face changed, and His clothes became as bright as a flash of lightening" (Luke 9:29).

There are many people in the world who have become incredibly disillusioned in regards to the subject of prayer.  They've prayed their hearts out, cried their eyes out, and believed their guts out for situations to be changed, jobs to be saved, sicknesses to be healed, loved ones to be changed by the power of Jesus.  And many times, there is no change seen.  So, why pray?  If there are is no seemingly evident power to prayer in what we see, why pray?

When Jesus prayed, He wasn't merely reciting words.  He wasn't speaking aimlessly or without purpose.  His purposed goal wasn't even to see life-changing results regarding those He prayed for.  His purpose was to connect with the Majesty of Heaven.  All else would be a by-product of that connection.  And as He prayed, what was seen in the natural was being changed and transformed by the Supernatural...starting with Himself.  His being in prayer was noticed, because prayer was changing Him.

Isn't it true, that when you pray, sometimes if not many times, the focus is in prayer is on changing others, changing your circumstances, or even changing God's plan that seems to contradict your own preferences?  Yes, you are to pray for others, and yes you should pray for God to intervene in the situations and things that matter to you.  But, are you changed when you pray?  Is your purpose to see change or to be changed?  If your heart's focus is on connecting with Jesus when you pray, you will always see change, starting in you.  When there is change in you, then there lies the evidence of the power in prayer to see change in others.  When you pray, as you seek to connect with the heart of God, there is power to change.  It starts within you!

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