Thursday, October 6, 2011


"'Go!  I am sending you out like lambs among wolves...'"
(Luke 10:3).

I'll never forget standing at the altar on my wedding day.  The doors opened and in walked the most incredible display of beauty I had ever laid eyes on, dressed in white, and walking straight towards me.  My excitement was also mixed with nerves and determination.  The nerves, in addition to the normal feelings and desires to make her happy for the rest of her life, were a result an awareness that the statistics were against us.  My wife and I both come from divorced families.  The thoughts and the fears of repeating history had made their attempts to crash against the strength of the hopes and dreams that I had for a marriage that would maintain its integrity on the foundation of the words, "til death do us part."

Of course, we were aware that there would be challenges.  We knew there would be days when the feelings would run as high as they did low.  We knew that there might even be temptation in our minds to give up if or when situations became more than what we thought we had bargained for.  But, I don't put my trust in statistics, thoughts, or imaginations.  I knew on that day with determination, that God had commissioned me to marry this woman.  And if I believed that, then I was confident that God would provide everything and always for every situation and scenario we might face.  If we would be committed to Him, then He would also be committed to our success.

Jesus prepared His disciples well for the divine task He was giving them.  He had told them what to do.  He said "Go!" - depart, get to it, lead yourself under the authority that I lead you.  He told them what to expect.  He told them they'd be like "lambs among wolves" - it would appear intimidating at times, pointless at others, and sometimes illusion of inevitable defeat.  But, He also told them what to rely upon.  He assured them, "I am sending you" - they weren't going on their own.  They were sent - commissioned on purpose by and with His authority and all the power, presence, protection and provision that would come with it.

Be encouraged!  Right where you are in your life, He is with you!  God has commissioned you.  He's told you what to do.  The only response that results in the accompanying blessings is to do it.  He's told you what to expect.  Embrace it.  There will be moments that appeal to a trace of uncertainty that may try to surface, but be confident in Him.  If you are facing what He said you'd face, then be sure that He has a plan to bring you to victory through it!  He's told you what to rely upon.  TRUST HIM.  He is right there with you, and with Him, all things are possible!

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